A chinese study reveals that the human brain has a distinct neural architecture – and it is remarkably similar to that of the human eye

Visual studio community has spoken out about a new study that found that the visual cortex of the brain is similar to the human visual cortex.

The chinese team discovered that the brain’s visual cortex is actually the same one that processes images in the human retina, but with some key differences.

“The visual cortex contains three layers that we’ve already shown to be distinct from each other in the mammalian visual cortex,” lead researcher Dr Li-Jun Chen told BBC Sport.

“In other words, the visual system is very similar to human visual system.”

The study was conducted by Dr Chen’s team from the Department of Neurology at the University of Shanghai.

It used the brain scans of 13 volunteers who were tested in an MRI scanner to analyse their brains.

Image caption The chinese scientists used MRI scans to analyse the brain of 13 people to see how they would have looked if they had had a different eye