How Disney’s ‘Astro Boy’ Is Making Its Own History At The Oscars

By now, you’ve probably heard that “Astro Boys” has won best animated feature at the Academy Awards for its animated short.

It was originally a two-minute short and won the award for best animated short for its visual design and cinematography, which were the best features for an animated short in the Academy’s 90-year history.

Now the Disney/Pixar animated short has been nominated for two Academy Awards.

And the Oscars have awarded the film with the Oscar for best short animation.

AstroBoy’s winning streak has been nothing short of remarkable.

For years, Disney had struggled with making the animated short it wanted to make into a feature.

The studio struggled to get a director on board and, as a result, the project had to go into development limbo.

The original short had a relatively modest budget: around $15,000.

And Disney wanted to get this short made into a movie.

The film’s director was Jeff Goldblum, who had been tapped to direct “Avengers” for Marvel.

Disney was looking to make an animated feature and Goldblums project was a prime candidate.

Goldblams film “The Lost City of Z” was nominated for best animation in 2009.

However, when “Asteroid Boy” became a huge hit, Disney’s studio decided to take a different approach.

In the past, Disney has had a tendency to go for the more ambitious projects when they have a strong project on their hands.

This time, Disney decided to make the short into a big-budget feature.

In 2017, the short was turned into a live-action feature called “A Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” in theaters.

This was an unprecedented feat in the history of animated feature films.

Disney, however, still didn’t have a director.

But they did have a very talented and dedicated writer, Jonathan Demme, who wrote the script.

The movie was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, who also wrote the original “Alyssa” and “A-Team.”

The story is told by a young boy named Owen, who goes on an adventure with his brother and sister, a young man named Owen and his best friend Owen Jr., who is a girl named Owen.

They have to navigate the planet Tatooine, where Owen is rescued by the evil Darth Vader, the new Emperor of the Empire.

After returning to Earth, Owen finds a small group of rebels on a desert planet, where he discovers a droid, named C-3PO.

After rescuing him, Owen learns that his mother is in a coma.

He learns that Owen was born on the planet Jakku.

The film was nominated at the 2017 Academy Awards, which included Disney’s animated feature “Astaroth,” as well as the Oscar-nominated “The Jungle Book.”

Disney’s “AStaroth” won the best animated film at the Oscars.

But the story of “AroBoy” is different.

The story is set in the year 2999.

When the Empire sends a team to Earth to steal a powerful energy weapon, Owen and the others decide to go after the attackers.

However the battle is not a simple one.

The first mission of the team is to rescue a small town called Earths Edge.

But before they can go to Earths edge, they must first make a journey to the planet of Onderon.

On Earths End, Owen, along with his friends Owen Jr. and Captain Rex, must go to a planet called the Unknown World, where the story goes that Owen’s mother has died.

On their journey, Owen meets a young girl named Aro who tells them that she has been sent to Earth’s End to protect the planet from a group of evil people.

Aro also tells them of her father, the Empire, and that he was the one who brought her to Ondera.

But Aro tells them more about the planet she is on, and the people she has met there.

Aros story ends with Owen Jr and his friend, Captain Rex rescuing Aro, who then returns to Oder.

The short won three Golden Globe Awards, including best short, best animated features and best animated shorts.

“A Roast Beef, A Roast Meatball, A Chicken” won Best Animated Feature at the 2016 Academy Awards and “Lazy Boy, A Man with an M” won best short animated feature for the 2017 Oscars.

The short was nominated with “Aasteroid Boy,” “A Rocket’s Revenge,” “Cockroach-Powered, A Robot’s Tale,” “The Empire Strikes Back” and other films.

The story of the animated feature is similar to that of the story in the original Disney short.

But this time, the story is more of a tale of two people.

Instead of the main characters, the main story takes place on a distant planet.

The planet is called the Outer Rim. When

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