Sling TV to stream Ghibli film streams in US

Sling is getting ready to launch the streaming service for Ghibl movies and TV shows in the United States.

The company announced Friday that it would start streaming the upcoming Ghiblo films in its U.S. library, including the upcoming Princess Mononoke and Ponyo.

Sling will have a limited amount of movies available for the first time in the US and Europe on Friday, Nov. 14.

The first movies to debut in the Sling library will be the two films from the Ghiblis “Princess Mononokume” and “Prinies of the Clouds.”

A Sling app will also be available to stream the movies to Android phones, tablets, smart TVs and Roku devices.

The new service will launch this fall in the U.K. and Germany, and in the coming months in France, Italy, Spain, and Japan.