Ghibli has a new home: The studio behind ‘Ariel’ will launch its own YouTube channel, the first for the series

The Ghiblis of tomorrow, the studio behind “Ariel” is taking another step toward becoming a standalone brand, with the studio unveiling its own website and YouTube channel.

The studio has a number of partnerships with Google, and the new partnership with YouTube will allow for a video streaming platform that will stream “Aria the Wind Princess” as well as other Ghibilis and other titles.

“The YouTube channel will be the first channel to premiere our YouTube series, and it will provide access to our upcoming YouTube series and our other titles, including the upcoming theatrical trailer for ‘Aria,'” Ghibili co-founder and CEO Hayao Miyazaki wrote on his blog, referring to the 2015 animated feature by director Hayao Takahata.

Miyazaki said that the new channel will debut in April, and that the first video will be “a new short for the YouTube channel,” a preview of the series that will air on YouTube in the coming weeks.

The new channel, which will be called “Aia Studio,” will also be available for the next two months to subscribers of the YouTube app.

The YouTube app, which was launched last year, will also allow users to stream YouTube videos from other services, including Netflix and Hulu.

“YouTube is the most accessible and powerful platform for creators and viewers to connect, and we’re excited to add YouTube to our YouTube portfolio,” Miyazaki continued.

“With this new partnership, we can finally build a YouTube channel that will be able to showcase our work in a more powerful way.

We’re excited that this will allow our fans to be able watch our work and enjoy it on YouTube, a platform that is more accessible than ever before.”