Visual Studio 2019 is now available on Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku, Microsoft says

Visual Studio is coming to macOS, Linux and Windows, Microsoft announced today.

The software developer is now a part of Apple’s developer program, and developers will be able to sign up for free at its developer portal, which also lets you get up and running with Visual Studio, and install it on your computer, Surface, Apple Watch, iPad or other devices.

Microsoft’s release notes for Visual Studio 2020 describe the release as “a new feature set and APIs for developers to use with Microsoft’s next-generation cloud services.”

The new APIs allow developers to leverage the power of the Cloud, including:Remote debugging (Windows) and support for new types of applications in the cloud.

Remote debugging can be enabled by selecting Debug Remote Debugging from the Windows Taskbar.

Remote debugging is a new way to enable debugging on Windows 8 devices running Windows 10 or later, and can be triggered from the Taskbar or a separate UI.

Support for new type of applications on the Cloud (Linux) and Microsoft’s Cloud APIs for applications on Azure (Windows).

Support for a new type, Application Gateway (Android).

Support to support the Azure SDK for Android apps.

Support to enable developers to target devices running OS X and iOS 10, which will be updated in the coming months.

Support, including automatic configuration of the app, for the Azure AD API.

Support and documentation for the Microsoft Azure SDK.

The new releases for Visual C++ and C++ AMP will come to Visual Studio 2021 in the Fall of 2019, Microsoft said.

Microsoft has been working on the next-gen development tools for more than a decade, but it was only recently that it announced its intent to release the next version of those tools for Windows.

The first versions of Visual Studio for Windows were released in 2015.

Microsoft will be announcing new Visual Studio Enterprise updates on the Azure Stack, a list of projects that it will be rolling out to developers in the next several months.

The new releases will be available for developers, Microsoft added.

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Why the Bible Study Topics Are So Important

Warner Brothers studio and Focus Features studio are planning to make a movie called “Warner Brothers Bible Study.”

The movie will star Michael Fassbender as a Bible professor who teaches Bible students how to study the Bible and how to understand the New Testament.

“Warrior” star Ben Affleck is set to play the lead character, a Bible teacher who also works at a church.

The film is set for release this fall.

Focus Features’ “Warriors” is a biblical drama about a group of young men who find themselves in a war between good and evil.