What Happened to the Chinese Study? (Instagram Creators)

When it comes to the China Study, there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

This is because the study, which looked at how people responded to the U.S. government’s proposed immigration crackdown, was a highly flawed study that did not include many of the people who would be targeted in the real crackdown.

One of the main issues with the study is that it was not properly administered.

The study was heavily criticized by the left, but it was also criticized by some conservatives as well, like Glenn Beck, who said the study was not good for the country because the subjects were not tested on real issues like the drug war or the corruption of the Chinese government.

The study was also heavily criticized for having some inaccuracies, including the fact that the study did not provide a breakdown of how much money the subjects had saved.

A study released in December by the Brookings Institution found that nearly 70 percent of Americans believe that the Chinese study was “unfair.”

This was also reported by Breitbart News in an article titled “Trump’s China Study Is a Fraud: 60% of Americans Think Trump’s Study Is ‘Unfair.'”

While the Trump administration has yet to respond to this report, it appears that the American people are ready to learn the truth about the study and have been looking for answers for some time.

Trump’s first budget proposed $3.7 billion for the study.

This was a far cry from the $9.5 billion that the Obama administration proposed, which was a significant amount.

The proposed budget was also far more than the estimated $6.7 trillion the study estimated would be spent on the study in the future.

The Trump administration also proposed to hire 10,000 additional border patrol agents and a new border patrol unit.

Although the study would have allowed for a study that could have provided useful information, there is no reason why this study should have cost more than $2.2 billion.

The budget was in fact a direct attack on the American taxpayers.