How to beat Manchester City on the road

Fow is back in the squad and will be in the starting XI against the Reds on Saturday. 

Fow has not started a Premier League game since the 2-0 win over Manchester United in March 2017. 

He has started the last three games, including the 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford on Saturday, and has been instrumental in helping to ensure Fow has started every league game this season. 

In the Europa League, Fow made two crucial saves to keep City’s first goal clear, but was not involved in Saturday’s win over the Reds. 

After the game, Fows manager Carlo Ancelotti said Fow’s absence had a knock on effect on the team’s fitness, with the striker missing the first four league games. 

“I have always said that I would like to keep him for the last game of the season,” Anceli said. 

With Fow still sidelined, the team will look to find a replacement at right-back. 

Fabio Borini, who has started each of City’s games this season, will make his comeback after missing the last two matches due to a hamstring injury. 

Mourinho said he would be “surprised” if Borini could return for Saturday’s game. 

The Portuguese coach said Borini was “unfit to play football” because of his hamstring injury, but would expect him to be available for the second half. 

Guardiola is set to face his first game without his captain, Sergio Aguero, for more than two months after the Argentine returned to training with a knee injury.


A Los Angeles-based independent studio that made movies like “A Beautiful Mind” and “The Social Network” will be shut down in the U.K. due to a new health and safety law that will make it harder for studios to operate.

The motion picture studios in the city of New York, London, Berlin, and Amsterdam are among the groups that are facing a ban on making films in the UK under new legislation that takes effect in the coming weeks.

In Britain, films made by independent studios can be screened at festivals or shown in cinemas if they receive a green light from the British Film Institute (BFI).

But studios that want to make films in Britain have been told to go through a review process to get their film approved for release there. 

LAVA, a subsidiary of California-based Los Angeles Pictures, will cease operations in the United Kingdom. 

The company made the announcement in a statement Monday, citing a new U.N. plan to prevent the spread of disease. 

“In light of the latest news on the U-turn from the United States Government, LAVA, a division of Los Angeles, California, announced that it will cease its operations in London and other European countries immediately,” the statement said. 

LAVA’s sister studio, Cadence, will be closed.

Cadence has made some of the most acclaimed films in history.

It has made a number of films with Oscar-winning directors including Quentin Tarantino, Emmanuel Lubezki, John Cassavetes, and Oliver Stone. 

Cadence is a production house that produces films for both the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). 

The UK’s film industry is estimated to be worth around £2.4 billion ($3.4 trillion). 

Under the new U-Turn, the BFI has announced a three-year review process for the production of films that receive a screening certificate from the BPI.

If a film receives a greenlight, it can be released anywhere in the world and its content can be used in other countries.

How to get your next job via social media

By: David Chazan Source FourFourSeconds title 5 tips for a successful social media job search article By David Chazzanek, Associate ProducerSource FourFourTweet source FourFiveTweet source Medium title How do you find a job via Twitter?

article By James Ransom, Assistant EditorSource FourFive Tweet source Medium article 1.

Be the first person to say “Hi” on Twitter.

You’ll find the first tweet that mentions you in your profile, and people will be more likely to respond to your messages.2.

Tweet “I’m hiring” or “I would like to hear from you.”3.

Find a job posting that has a link to your LinkedIn page, and tweet “Would you be interested in my current position?”4.

Follow your friends who follow you, and ask them to add you to their LinkedIn Groups.5.

Ask them for their email and Twitter handle.

If they don’t respond, use the search feature on their profile to see if they responded to you, or if they were just ignoring you.6.

Follow people who are using your name in their LinkedIn profile.

They may be the first to be connected to you if they’re listed in your LinkedIn group.7.

Follow them on Twitter to see what they are up to.8.

Follow their LinkedIn posts.

You should see the last tweet they made, which may be a link or a reply to a LinkedIn post.9.

Read LinkedIn’s FAQs.

Some of them can be useful for job search.10.

Tweet your LinkedIn account to see how many people are following you, whether they follow you from your LinkedIn profile, or whether you are one of their followers.11.

Click “follow” on your LinkedIn post and follow people who follow your profile.

If you don’t follow people from your profile yet, you’ll be the only one who will.12.

Follow a few people who you’ve recently interacted with on LinkedIn.

You may find they have jobs listed in their profile, which will help you find more opportunities.13.

Go to LinkedIn and search for a job.

If there’s an offer, you may be surprised to find that your LinkedIn posts have made the news.14.

Make a LinkedIn profile about the position.

It’s easy to forget about this if you don.15.

Be a part of a community of people who have similar interests and interests in the same industry, so that you can get a sense of how different your industry is.16.

Tweet links to relevant job postings.

You will see a variety of different positions on LinkedIn, so it’s a good idea to follow at least one of the listings.17.

Keep up with LinkedIn posts and news from your industry, such as hiring and promotions.18.

Follow up with other people you think might be interested.

You can ask for their LinkedIn account, or post your LinkedIn questions in a reply, or ask them for a LinkedIn link.19.

Be aware of other people who aren’t as connected to your industry.20.

Make sure you’re active on LinkedIn and on other social media.

If someone else is also working in your field, you might be able to get a better understanding of them and their career path.21.

Read the LinkedIn Terms of Service before you sign up.

You have the right to opt-out of certain kinds of advertising, and you have the option to opt out of certain types of advertising if you wish.22.

Read your LinkedIn Terms and Conditions.

You want to make sure you are not using your information in ways that would be inappropriate, and it’s good to understand what your rights are.23.

Join an online group.

It might be helpful to join a group for job searching or social media marketing, or a LinkedIn group for specific interests.24.

Tweet a link.

You might be surprised how many LinkedIn users respond to you.25.

Post to LinkedIn a link that shows you what your company is doing or has done.

It may help you identify other people in your industry who might have similar experiences.26.

Check out LinkedIn’s “About Us” page for job openings, job offers, and other information.27.

Find out more about the “Company of Heroes” program, which is a program that helps unemployed Americans find work through job postings and interviews.28.

Find local businesses that have an offer on their site, and see if there’s a link in the LinkedIn search results.29.

Find the best local coworking spaces in your area.

This will help with networking and finding other people looking for work in your community.30.

Join a LinkedIn Group.

It can be a good way to connect with fellow professionals and job seekers.31.

Follow job openings.

LinkedIn Groups can help you meet other people interested in your position, and keep in touch with other employers in your location.32.

Learn about local businesses.

Find employment opportunities and find jobs that fit your skills and interests