How to find the best place to study abroad

Asvab, India – For the past year, I have been working as an assistant professor at a government school in Asvabad, in the eastern state of Andhra Pradesh.

This is a traditional, Muslim school for boys, where I am the head teacher.

It is a very traditional environment.

When I first moved here, my wife and I didn’t have much money.

We were lucky to have the support of a few friends, but we were very poor.

The school had one room for four, and a small garden.

We used to sit in the back and read books.

At night, I would go to the garden to smoke opium, which I did every day.

When the sun rose in the morning, the children would come and play in the courtyard.

One day, a boy came and asked for a snack.

He asked if I was the school head and if I would like to eat some breakfast.

I thought, Well, I can’t do that, but I went.

He was only a child, but he was very excited.

He took me to the kitchen, and I ate his breakfast.

He came back and asked me again, Is that the school?

I said yes.

He said, Do you want to study at home?

I replied, Yes.

He sat down next to me and told me about his school.

He told me that it was the best school in the district, that he would teach me and that I should work hard.

He also told me not to drink alcohol, but if I did, I should not be shy.

I went to school for a year and did my best.

He taught me about mathematics and geography, but at that time, we didn’t even have a computer, so I could not learn any new subjects.

When we finished school, I had a big problem.

I wanted to study, but was not confident about going to college.

So I quit my job and went to Asvaban.

Asvabor is a large city in Andhra Nadu, about 100 kilometres (60 miles) from the capital, New Delhi.

I have never been to any other place.

The principal of the school, an Asvabi, told me, We want you to study here, and if you can’t, we will find a place to train you.

I didn`t understand, but this place seemed like a dream.

So, I went there for one month.

As the month went by, I found myself bored.

I couldn`t find any teachers, so there was no one to talk to.

Finally, a few months later, the principal came and told us that he had a few students who wanted to come.

The day before, we had been discussing the problem, but then I heard about the first class in the day.

I saw them and started to chat with them.

At first, they were quiet.

I was a bit shocked.

But then I realised that they were my friends.

They were just students and wanted to learn from me.

They told me everything that I needed to know, and that they would be joining me in a few weeks.

I knew that I would be a great teacher.

I told them everything, and told them that I wanted them to come and study with me.

After a few days, they told me to wait a few more days, and then they would start classes.

When they started classes, I thought they were coming for a first-day class.

They had just started.

It was the first day of school, and the principal told us to be ready.

I had been a teacher in Asvantab for just one month, but now I had to wait for a month.

After waiting a while, I told my friends that I was ready, and they started to leave.

The next day, I got a phone call from the principal.

He didn`ts even know my name, and said that I had already been placed on the waiting list.

I asked him why I had just been placed.

He explained that the headteacher had been told that I wasn`t ready to go to college, so he had put me on the list.

So why did I have to wait?

He told us, I didn�t want to disappoint my students.

He had been teaching for just a month, and he told them about the new teachers.

When he left, the teachers left.

I kept asking them, Why?

When I came back, I saw that they had been placed in different classes.

I immediately went to the principal and told him that I didn´t want my students to be in a different class.

The teacher told me they would still be in class 1.

So when I came to the class, I asked the teacher, Who are you?

He replied, I am your assistant teacher.

When that teacher saw that I could understand English, he began to speak to me.

He started talking to me about my