What to know about the new movie by Mappa Studio

With the release of The Case of the Missing Men and the upcoming adaptation of The Big Short, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remember the great movies of the last decade.

And yet, as we look ahead to the next big release, it can be difficult to keep track of the great works we’re supposed to remember from the past.

Now, that’s not to say there aren’t great movies from the 20th century that we should be proud of, but they don’t have to be forgotten.

In fact, a recent survey of moviegoers by Entertainment Weekly found that the greats should be preserved as part of the film canon, because they’re worth watching and deserve to be remembered.

The list of great movies includes The Godfather, The Great Escape, and The Godmother.

While many of these movies are well known and iconic in their own right, the study found that we’re missing some great ones that we can actually remember.

“These movies have been forgotten because they were overlooked,” said Josh Weinstein, president of the Independent Spirit Awards, which awards the top prizes in cinema.

“The biggest reason is the fact that they were released at a time when the genre was still new.”

In fact the number of films released between 1970 and 1990 that were forgotten has been growing for years.

For example, according to the National Film Preservation Board, the number dropped to 779 in 2016, with an average of about 25 films a year being forgotten.

That’s a lot of films that were released between the mid-1980s and early 1990s that weren’t really worth remembering.

The reason is twofold: The number of people that actually remember these movies has gone down over the past 30 years, and movies are still being released today.

There are also fewer people out there making movies nowadays, making movies that people don’t remember and that people will forget.

It’s no surprise that when we look back at these films we’re left with a lot more of them than we should, and that’s a shame.

“For the most part, it seems like there’s an inherent disconnect between the kind of stories we want to remember and the way movies are being told today,” Weinstein said.

“There are a lot less movies being made now that are about human beings than there were 30 or 40 years ago.

I think a lot is to do with technology, the way people consume information, and more and more people are watching movies on Netflix.

That is the perfect time to go back and revisit these movies.”

While many films are still great and deserve their own movie canon, some of these greats have been ignored for years now.

“We’re still struggling to remember movies like The Great Train Robbery and The Great Gatsby,” Weinstein continued.

“And we’re still seeing some great movies like I Saw the Devil and The Silence of the Lambs that are being overlooked.”

We’re also still missing a lot, even though there are still more than 400 great movies in the canon.

In addition to these forgotten movies, there are other films that should be on the list, because their stories should be part of our memories, but we can’t remember them.

In the case of the original, there were many great performances and characters in these films.

Even when you have a great story, you can’t always have a good story, so we shouldn’t forget that.

But as Weinstein pointed out, a lot can be forgotten by going back and retelling old stories.

For instance, the famous “lost boy” scene from The Big Lie is now considered one of the greatest scenes in cinema history.

And many great movies that were never released in theaters were re-released on DVD or Blu-ray, making it possible to find a great movie on your Blu-Ray shelf today.

“That scene is still part of my life, even after seeing it again on a new medium,” Weinstein told EW.

“It’s a great example of why the best of films can be found in theaters and why we need to be reminded of them.”

So what should we remember from The Case for Missing Men?

While it’s important to remember that these movies should be remembered, the list of movies that should not be forgotten is also long.

There’s no doubt that we’ve forgotten so many great films from the last 30 years.

We can remember the greatest works of the past in some form, but it’s time to start thinking about the best movies that are actually still relevant and worth watching.

“If we were to look at the best films of the 20s, there would be a whole range of films out there that are worth remembering,” Weinstein concluded.

“But as a filmmaker, I think it’s about recognizing what’s valuable and what’s not.

What’s important is that you can remember great movies for the right reasons.”

If you have any ideas for the best movie you want to see next, let us know in the comments. For more

How to Stop Saying No to a Romantic Date

I don’t think I’m alone in my feelings of disappointment that my romantic date has become more interested in me.

It’s not that I don, or haven’t, ever felt that way before; I’ve been the type of person who likes to think about what I’m going to say.

But now, as we approach the one-year anniversary of my relationship, I’m more worried about how I’m holding up.

I’m a little bit worried about my boyfriend.

And he’s the one who’s become more and more interested.

But I’m also worried about whether I’m doing enough to avoid falling back into this trap.

My friends and I talk about this all the time.

Some people like to believe that, because they’ve been with a partner for so long, they’re always going to be able to fall back into a familiar pattern of casual conversation and platonic chemistry.

But this doesn’t really apply to everyone.

In fact, many people who have been with someone for a long time find that the casual interaction becomes increasingly awkward and uncomfortable over time, and they become less and less likely to want to go back.

So how do we break free of this cycle of casual sex?

Let’s start by asking: What makes me more likely to fall into this pattern?

Is it my age?

My gender?

My age?

Or my job?

In the past, my romantic partner seemed to be all about that.

But the more I’ve gotten to know him and his family, the more it’s become clear that his interests are more about me than them.

I started dating a guy in my twenties who was a total tomboy, but he was also the kind of guy who had a tendency to make a scene when I came into his room, or make out with his girlfriends in public.

He had a lot of friends who were into his hobbies, and he’d always be around and talk to me.

I’ve never had any complaints about this guy, but the thing that was really annoying about him was how frequently he was in my life.

And that’s when I became worried.

I felt like I was missing out.

What if he was just trying to impress me?

He had this aura about him that I never quite felt.

Then I started to realize that I was not really missing out, because he was so interested in what I had to say that it really hurt my feelings to say no.

But what was more surprising was that I realized that he was the one in a position to influence me.

He’s one of the best friends I have in the world, and that’s what he really cared about.

His whole approach to relationships is about creating intimacy, and his approach to sex is about the comfort and security he can bring me.

So he really wanted to have a relationship with me, and I think that’s a big part of why he was interested in my interests.

It doesn’t make me feel bad if he doesn’t, but it does make me think about the risks that we could take if we don’t make a commitment.

And the most important thing that I learned is that even though I have a good relationship with my boyfriend, I also have a bad relationship with myself.

I can’t just say, “I’m never going to date anyone else.”

I have to make sure that I make a clear commitment, and the thing is, my boyfriend is also a person who makes a commitment to me, so that I’m not totally in his world.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about sex and romance together.

I have my own preferences about what is and isn’t romantic and what’s just for fun, and maybe we can explore those ideas together.

But if I’m really worried about it, I’ll just stop saying no to him.

And I think my best advice for someone like me who’s worried about falling into this cycle is to ask: Why am I saying no?

Why am it taking me so long to decide that I want to be with someone who I can share my life with?

I’m asking myself that question now, because it seems like so many of my friends are going through the same thing, and it’s hard to know where to start.

The truth is, it’s not about being more or less interested in someone; it’s about whether you’re willing to put in the time and the effort to build a deeper relationship.

If you want to learn more about how to stop saying “no” to your romantic date, we’ve got some helpful tips on how to get started.

First, let me make it very clear that I think I know what’s best for both of us.

I feel like I’m perfectly comfortable being with a romantic partner who knows how to make me happy, and who also knows how important it is to have fun.

I love him very much, and when I’m in his life, I don of course get on his nerves, but I do try to be as open-minded as possible,

Study Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Writing for iOS, Android, and MacOS

By Chris M. Evans, Macworld ContributorFebruary 19, 2018 | 6:57pm”A long time ago, when I was just a kid, there was a time when I could only write about things I saw in the world,” says J.J. Abrams.

“You’d see something and then you’d go ‘Ah, that’s interesting.

That’s interesting, but I don’t know if I’m gonna do that.’

Now, the world has changed, and we’re in a world where we can just write whatever we want.”

For Abrams, who worked on a number of TV shows before becoming a writer and producer, the most important aspect of writing is to create an atmosphere of exploration and wonder.

“I’ve been writing in a way where I want to explore, to find things,” he explains.

“And I’m always asking myself, ‘What do I find interesting in this story?’

And I’m just going to keep exploring.”

And when it comes to iOS and Android, Abrams says, the app world is a great place to explore.

“The App Store is very, very diverse, and there’s a ton of great apps out there,” he says.

“In addition to the huge number of apps for Android, there’s so much iOS app that’s great.”

“The most important thing in the writing is the story,” says Abrams.

He adds that he’d recommend looking for inspiration from other writers, as well.

“There’s an element of inspiration that can come from someone who has written a piece of work before and has an idea, or someone who’s writing a piece that you think might be interesting to others.

It’s very important to find that element of your own voice.””

One of the things I love about working with J. J. is that he’s such a curious person,” says Lucas.

“He can be as open-minded as you are.

He’s very open to new ideas, but he’s not afraid to be wrong.

And I think that’s something that makes him really, really, great.

He doesn’t have a huge ego, he doesn’t seem like he has a big agenda.

He just likes to explore.”

The best advice Abrams gives is to think about what you want your writing to say.

“It’s very easy to start out by telling a story, and then all of a sudden you’re telling a novel,” he notes.

“But I think the best way to tell a story is to write about something.

You can’t just tell a plot.

You have to be able to write a story.”

The biggest misconception about writing for iOS and OS X is that you need a Mac to do it, and this is not true.

You don’t need a computer for writing apps for iOS or Android, but you do need a PC to run them.

And that’s where you come in.

“A Mac is just like a laptop: You can use it to write apps,” explains Lucas.

It also doesn’t need to have an Apple TV in it.

“We have an iPad, so that’s another piece of hardware that you can use for your Mac.”

As for the best apps for writing iOS, Lucas says the top five are: iBooks (recommended) is an iOS app for books and magazines, which is very similar to the iPad version.

It has a “quick read” feature that will bring up the first 30 pages of a book, and it has a list of links to various articles on the site, as long as the articles are “recommended.”

The app is free to download.

The most popular books are The Book of Shadows by Cormac McCarthy and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which are both available for free.

The second most popular is The Book Thief by Stephen King.

This is an eBook version of the novel that can be read on a Kindle Fire, and is an app that can also be used on a computer.

It comes in two different editions, which will be covered in a future article.

The most popular Mac app is iBooks for iOS.

Its “quick-read” feature allows users to “read” a book right from their device, and has a similar interface to the Kindle Fire.

The app has a dedicated “books” section, and “books on Apple TV” section.

Both sections have “recommendations” to help you find more information about a particular book.

The “books you want” section has a few more sections, including a “recommends” section for the Kindle, which can also read other books.

“Books you want for the iPhone” is another app that allows you to easily create a list for reading in the app, with recommendations for different categories.

Both of these apps are free.

Other apps for iPad include iBook for iPad, which lets you browse a large library of books and has several different themes for reading

‘The Big Sick’: How the movie helped a disabled kid become a star (and why it’s still important)

A year ago, a 12-year-old boy was diagnosed with the life-threatening illness, called Lou Gehrig’s disease, which affects people of all ages.

The boy’s story made international headlines, and prompted the Ontario government to introduce a new provincial disability insurance program for people who have the disease.

It’s known as Ontario Disability Insurance (ODI) and it’s available to people aged 12 and older, or children.

But in 2015, the Ontario legislature passed a bill that would provide ODI to people with the disease and put the program in place before it would be expanded to everyone.

The new law also included a $100,000 funding bump for ODI.

The legislation was passed after the provincial government received thousands of calls from people with disabilities who were seeking help with the new program, said Mary-Louise Murray, ODI’s chief executive officer.

The $100 million in funding was the highest single amount given to the province in a single year, Murray said.ODI currently covers only one in every six Ontario residents with the condition.

But that number is projected to rise as ODI is expanded to more people.

Murray said she hopes ODI can help people who are at risk of the disease or struggling with other medical problems.

“The more people who qualify, the more resources we have to offer,” she said.

Murray also wants people to know that ODI does not cover a disability that prevents someone from working or working independently.

“If someone is on ODI, ODO or disability pension, the person still has to work or work independently,” she explained.

“But they also get the money to pay for their medical bills.”

Murray said the new law was a “big win” for people with Lou Gehri’s disease and the people of Ontario.

She said it also means ODI has more resources to provide support and help people with medical conditions.

Murray hopes that the new funding law will help make ODI a permanent fixture in the province.

Universal Studios Orlando – Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida: A study room

Universal Studios is adding a study room to its theme park in Orlando, where it is also expanding into Universal Studios Miami.

According to a report in The Times, the study room will be used to teach guests how to take care of plants and animals, as well as to make food and drink at the Universal Studios theme park.

Universal Studios is planning to open a new study room in Universal Studios LA in 2018.

It has been reported that Universal Studios Los Angeles, Universal Studios Chicago and Universal’s theme parks in California and Canada will also see a study space added to the park.

In addition to study rooms, Universal’s Universal Studios Santa Monica will also be adding a food court and a wine bar to the theme park, as part of the new research centre.

The study room is currently located in the dining area of Universal Studios Bay Beach, but the resort will expand its theme parks into the Santa Monica area as well.

The project was announced at the start of the year by Universal Studios CEO Scott Rudin.

The Universal Studios Orange County theme park has been expanding in the past couple of years and is currently planning to launch a new theme park park, Universal Entertainment’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, at Universal Studios California in 2018, and Universal Hollywood in 2019.

How to install the studio apartment for $3,300 on a budget

The average studio apartment in the U.S. is currently listed at $3.1 million.

But many of these homes are actually more like an apartment than a home, as they can cost $2,000, $1,500, or $500 less than a typical home, depending on the style of residence.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are prices that can vary greatly depending on where you live, and it’s best to consult a real estate agent for a full-price quote.

Read more: 10 best new studios apartments in California Read moreLike most studios apartments, a studio apartment usually comes with an attached kitchen, bathroom, and living room, which is usually a lot more than a conventional two-bedroom home.

But if you need a studio that’s bigger than a single-bedroom, a lot of studios have kitchens on the side of the home.

The living room can also include a bed, sofa, or other furniture.

The main difference between a studio and a standard two- or three-bedroom house is the size of the living room.

In a studio, a living room is typically much larger than a normal bedroom, and you’ll likely be able to use the bathroom in a smaller space than in a standard home.

To get a studio property for under $3 million, you’ll need to get into one of the most popular studios markets: Los Angeles.

Here, studios are becoming increasingly popular, as a new trend is increasing the number of studios and their prices.

Here’s a rundown of some popular studios in Los Angeles:Studio apartment prices range from $2 million to $5.5 million in Los Angles.

A studio apartment is typically a studio with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and one common room.

Most studios also come with a kitchen and a bathroom.

The studios that are popular in Los Aires, the capital of Argentina, are usually priced in the neighborhood of $3-4 million.

You can find many studios in this market, as well as in San Francisco and San Diego.

Studio apartments are often located in neighborhoods where residents commute to the office or from work to work, which often means that you’ll have to drive a lot.

It may not be as easy to live in a studio in LA as in other cities, but it’s definitely a great option if you want to live close to the amenities of the city and the entertainment.

The best thing about LA is that there are a lot less regulations, so you’ll be able see your work from anywhere in the city.

The best studios in the country are located in Los Gatos, California.

This popular city is famous for its studios, and these studios are usually worth much more than the average two-bedroom home.

A typical studio in Los Gatsos is priced between $2.2 million and $3M.

This type of studio is popular in the suburbs of Los Gatus and Santa Barbara, and they’re often popular in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and the Sunset Strip.

A studio in Palm Springs, California, is usually priced between about $1.7 million and about $2M.

There are also studios in other locations around Palm Springs.

You’ll want to look at the size and the location of the studio to get a realistic idea of how much you’ll pay for this type of property.

If you’re planning to live closer to the city, studios in San Jose, California are generally more expensive than those in LA.

If you’re looking to live more close to downtown, San Francisco, or Oakland, there are also more studios in these markets.

Studio apartments are becoming more popular in San Diego and Los Angeles as well.

Some of the studios are located just outside the city limits.

These are usually expensive, but they’re not hard to find.

In Los Angeles, these are usually on the outskirts of downtown, but can also be found in the outer boroughs of the Los Angeles area.

Studio apartment price ranges from about $900,000 to about $4.6 million in San Diegos, Costa Mesa, and San Luis Obispo, California and is usually much more expensive in the Outer Coast.

A standard studio apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom, two closets, and a kitchen in San Juan Capistrano, California is $3MM.

Studio flats are also becoming popular in Southern California.

These units typically cost around $700,000 or $900K, and often have kitchens, bathrooms, a shared living room and a full kitchenette.

They’re usually found in cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.

A common feature of studios is that they have a lot fewer bedrooms, which can be a big plus if you’re a single person.

Studio flats are popular among millennials who want to stay close to their friends and family.

If the price of your studio apartment can’t be covered by a mortgage, you can always get an apartment loan to get more

How to Find the Bible Study Tools You Need to Get Your Faith Back

Study Bible study tools can be hard to find in the Bible study tool catalog.

The search can be daunting for anyone, but for those of us with little or no prior study of the Bible, there is something for everyone to find.

To help make this search easier, we’ve created a list of the most important Bible study study tools to get you started.

We’ve also broken down the Bible reading tools into their key elements and some key features to help you find the right tool for you.

The first step is to find a Bible study book.

Study Bible books can be used as supplemental materials to your Bible study.

You can also read the Bible using the study materials you’ve downloaded.

This is a good place to start, as the Bible is full of stories and images that are appropriate for the Bible-reading experience.

It’s important to study these stories and find the appropriate text, but if you’re just starting, there are some tools to help ease the process.

The Study Bible app on your smartphone allows you to study the Bible in the app.

This app has the most extensive search feature for the bible in the entire Bible.

You’ll also find a study bible on your device, as well as additional resources on the web, including an online Bible study guide.

It may be a little harder to find the Bible book you need, but these are tools that will allow you to get started.

Bible Study Bible Study book study app Bible Study bible study tool Bible Study app The first time you start to study a book you’ll be prompted to choose the study tool.

This prompts you to choose a study Bible to read.

A study Bible is the book you will use to read the text of the book.

This study Bible includes an introduction, an introduction chapter, a reading list, and a list for the verses and passages you want to study.

Each study Bible also includes an index.

The index allows you access to each chapter in the book that you need to study and to compare the contents of each chapter to other chapters.

This helps you compare and contrast the book chapters.

When you’re ready to start studying, you’ll receive a list.

Each book has an index that you can scroll through.

You will see a list containing the number of verses and verses that have been included in the study bible.

Each verse has a number.

The number refers to the chapter number.

For example, a chapter number of 13 would refer to the second verse of the chapter.

When the index has been completed, you will see the title of the study Bible in red.

You have to read through the book to get to the Bible.

When I’m finished, I’ll have to scroll through to the end.

The Bible study app provides a study book search and a Bible reading app.

You may have seen that you have two Bible study books that you want the study to be done with.

This isn’t a problem.

Each Bible study includes a study manual that contains everything you need for the entire study.

This manual is the Bible that you’ll use to practice the Bible exercises that you’ve learned in the previous study bible you’ve read.

You should always start with the Bible manual you’ve purchased.

The study bible that you use will be a guidebook, not a study textbook.

You might want to purchase a book that will be used to study all the Bible books in your collection.

The Book of Mormon is a Bible that was translated into English in 1830 by Joseph Smith, who was the second prophet of the Restoration.

The book was first published in 1830.

Many of the key points of the Book of Mosiah are contained in the Book.

You want to begin with the book before reading the Book itself.

After reading the book, you want something else to look forward to, as these key teachings are in a book written over thousands of years.

The same goes for the Doctrine and Covenants.

The Doctrine and the Covenants is the third and final book of the LDS Church’s Book of Doctrine and covenants.

Its teachings and history are contained within the Doctrine & Covenants itself.

The key points contained in each chapter are given specific meanings.

The words in the chapter titles will relate to what the person is looking for.

The chapters in the Doctrine are divided into sections that cover various topics, including: The Book, History, and Teachings of Jesus Christ The Prophet Joseph Smith Joseph Smith’s vision of the Church Joseph Smith as a prophet Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the gospel The Prophet’s personal ministry The Book and the Book: The Gospel of Jesus Jesus Christ: The Prophet Doctrine & covenants The Book: History of the Mormon Church The Book in the Collection: The Doctrine & Smith The Book for Personal Study: The Church History The Book as a Book: Doctrine & cii The Book to be Read: The Works of the Prophet Joseph The Book on the Doctrine: The Restoration of The Gospel: The Teachings and Teachments of Jesus Joseph The Doctrine: A History

Watch: Japanese dubbing industry hits another high in 2017

Japanese dubing industry is on the rise again, with many studios and producers moving into new areas, with the studios now employing hundreds of staff in a country where the market is dominated by Japanese companies.

Key points:Japan is the biggest market for Japanese dubs in the worldWith more than 60 studios working in Japan, it’s a sign of how popular dubbing is in the countryThe studios have had to scale back production on recent releases due to a shortage of production staffOne of the studios that has recently moved into new markets has been Toho, which has expanded its production capacity from 10 to 15 staff over the past few years.

Its latest release was ‘Love Live!

Sunshine!!’, which grossed a whopping $2.1 million in its opening weekend, but that wasn’t enough to break into the top ten of Japan’s film industry.

Instead, the studio released its third feature in four months, ‘Memento’, which won the Best Japanese Film Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

“We had to adapt the story of the main character to Japanese, so we started adapting the story, and we’re going to continue doing that,” director Makoto Shinkai said.

“It was a very exciting time.

I think the audience loved the story and they loved the sound.

It’s an incredible film.”

Shinkai also praised the success of the film’s director, Miki Shimizu, who had the final say in the script.

“The directors and the studio were very helpful.

We were able to work on the film with Miki, so it’s very important to have the same amount of trust and trust in each other,” he said.

Shimizu’s films have been translated into over 50 languages, and his latest film ‘Dance of the Dead’ is also coming to Japan.

It’s been a good year for Japanese filmmakers, with more than 600 titles being released in the past year, with new releases hitting the top of the box office.

In a country that has a population of about one million people, that’s a massive population of talent and enthusiasm, and that’s something that can only help the industry grow.

But while some Japanese producers are going into new territories to fill the gap, others have been expanding production capacity.

“For the past six years, we’ve been growing in the United States and Europe.

We’ve been in a very active development area in China, Japan and Europe,” said Tomohiro Kondo, CEO of the International Federation of Japanese Cinema and Television.”

But now the market in Japan is very strong, so the studios are going to have to scale down production in order to continue to make films in Japan.”

The growth has helped bring back some of the big names from the industry, including Shinkayas ‘Kung Fu Panda’, which is now outselling any other foreign release in Japan and the United Kingdom, and ‘LoveLive!

Sunshine!!!’, which has earned more than $500 million in the Japanese market, more than the combined gross of the top two films in the UK and France combined.

“If we look at the total market, it doesn’t include the international markets.

But if you take the market share of the overseas markets, then there is a big difference.

It could be $1 billion or $2 billion,” Kondo said.

Japan has also seen an explosion in the number of films being released globally, with studios such as Fox and Lionsgate releasing films in China and Russia.

But that is just the beginning.

“I think we’re looking at a very positive future for the industry,” Kondas CEO.

“There is a lot of work to be done.

We’re not going to reach the full capacity overnight, but we’re still going to do well.”

How you can help fund an urban hair studio

In a recent post on Twitter, @harpie, an expert in the hair industry, explained how to get involved with the Hair Lab feasibility study.

Hair lab research is the study of hair technology, including the science behind how and why we use it, to create the hair that we wear.

It’s the first step in hair growth, and the first and most crucial step in a woman’s life, according to @hortemartin, a hair stylist and founder of the HairLab website.

“The goal of the project is to develop an affordable and effective technology that will allow the Hairlab to help women of all shapes and sizes to achieve the look they want without compromising their health, weight, or appearance,” he wrote.

“Hair Lab’s technology has been used to improve hair products from haircare to nail treatments, hair treatments, and even for hair replacement.

The HairLab technology is used by thousands of women across the world and we’re looking to expand the scope of its application.”

Harpie’s post was the third to mention the Hair Labs on Twitter.

“For many years, we have been working on hair growth research in hopes of bringing the hair science of hair to the masses,” @harmie said.

“We have also been developing our own hair growth technology, which we hope to begin testing in the near future.

In the meantime, we’re working to get HairLab ready to roll out in the US, Europe, and Asia as soon as possible.”

Harmie also mentioned the HairLabs online tool, which is currently in beta.

The HairLab has an early funding goal of $3.2 million, but it’s unclear if the Hair labs funding will be enough to expand their reach.

HairLab, founded by the entrepreneur and entrepreneur husband-and-wife team @HortemARTIN and @hospirithehair, was founded in 2015 and has been funded by investors including Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and venture capital firm Founders Fund.

Harpies post also mentioned that the Hair lab will be in touch with the US Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees federal grants for hair products.

“With the Hair Laboratory and the Hairtech Lab coming together in one place, we are planning to be in close contact with the Department of Agriculture to get a grant application filed, and we will keep you updated on progress,” @Harpy wrote.

How to listen to Beats 1 – BBC Radio 1: Saturday 10 November

Beats 1 has announced the re-opening of its online streaming service in the UK and Ireland on Monday 10 November.

The service is available from 11:00am BST on Thursday 10 November, and will be available on all the major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Prime Music, Google Home, and Apple TV.

There’s a catch: all of the Spotify streams will be for free until 10 November (though they will continue to charge you for some premium services), and you can’t buy tracks.

Spotify is still offering its streaming service for free.