How a game industry analytics study can help predict the future of games

A study that looks at the relationship between games and business is now underway at a research company.

The researchers at Tyler Perry Studios (TPS) have found that game developers are becoming more focused on the business side of their business.

It seems the industry is taking a more serious approach to the business, which is what the researchers want to see more of.

The study is part of a wider trend to study the relationship of game and business in a number of ways.

The most recent one, called ‘The Business of Games,’ looks at games, advertising and other elements of the game business, but it also looked at what the business might look like in the future.

The report found that the business would have to be diversified to meet the demands of a rapidly growing audience.

This article was first published in February, 2018 and has since been updated to reflect the publication date of the report.