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The world is now home to a new breed of video game company – one that’s been quietly developing for the last five years.

At least that’s the way it’s been described by the likes of Activision, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, Sony and Microsoft, all of which are all currently working on their own games.

The industry is now seeing a resurgence of the idea of ‘next gen’, with both EA and Ubisoft recently announcing that they would be making games for consoles in 2019.

However, a new company called Pinewood Studios isn’t a new concept, as it was founded in 2012.

It’s an entirely new development studio, based in the US, with an annual budget of $30 million.

The studio, which will reportedly work on games such as The Last of Us, Dishonored, The Last Of Us 2 and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, has been announced by co-founder, David Lopresti, who previously worked as the chief creative officer of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE).

In a video announcing the new studio, Loplandi says that it will develop ‘the next generation of video games’.

“We’ve been building video games for five years and we’ve seen a lot of innovation and growth in the industry over the last decade,” Lopsti says.

“So it’s very exciting that we’re about to take our first step in making a brand new game.”

The next generation…

What exactly does it mean?

The new studio will be a new type of developer, as Pineworn Studios will be building its own games from scratch rather than using existing IP.

“Our studio will use the most advanced hardware and software available to the industry to make the most sophisticated, visually striking and technologically advanced games that we can imagine,” Lops said.

“The studio will also have a unique blend of experience building for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.”

“Pinewood’s unique combination of experience and talent will enable us to deliver the next generation game design.”

Pineworn’s CEO and founder, David, said that their studio’s focus was to create games that are “the most innovative, visually spectacular and technologically sophisticated games possible”.

“As a developer, you have to make sure that your work is the most fun and entertaining you can make,” he said.

Pinewoud Studios will also be working on titles that have been in development for five or more years, as well as titles that are a decade or more in the future.

“This is the kind of game you will play in your dreams,” Lopes said.

He added that they were also looking at the next-generation of consoles and PC gaming.

“We’ll be building our first games on the next gen, as that is the only platform that’s truly capable of delivering next gen gameplay,” he added.

“That means we’ll be able to deliver next-gen experiences that will be as high fidelity and realistic as possible.”

The first thing that jumps out from the video above is the fact that it seems as if the new Pinewost studios plans include the release of games on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“If you’re a gamer and you’re looking for the next big thing, you can’t get a game like Dishonore: Death of the Outsider on either platform,” Lottes said.

“We’re creating games that have to be as immersive as possible and that is a key pillar of our development strategy.”

As the industry matures, you’re going to see a lot more of the next next gen game coming out.

“Loprest, who has previously worked on both Ubisoft and WBIE, said there were two reasons why they wanted to create their own game.”

Pinowood’s next project is expected to be a co-op game called The Last Resort. “

Secondly, it gives us an opportunity to build a team and focus on the game that’s most important to us.”

Pinowood’s next project is expected to be a co-op game called The Last Resort.

It’s set in the world of Dishonorea, and is described as “a survival horror story”.

In the video, Lottles said that it would be an action game set in Dishonorean times, which was a game he had been working on for a few years.

The video also reveals the studio’s plans for the future of games.

“You’ll be seeing more of our studio’s work come to the next level,” Lones said.