Microsoft’s Data Studio: What’s in the box?

Microsoft data studio Falcon Studios has announced a new Windows 10 Home version of its suite of data visualization software.

Falcon Studio is based on the open-source OpenData Studio, which was developed by Microsoft and released under the Apache license.

It uses the open source OpenData format for generating data and data visualization.

FalcSpace’s Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Business suites are already available for Mac and Windows.

The latest release of Falcon Studio also includes an API for building data visualization tools using a Web API.

The new Windows version of the suite, Falcon Studio 11, includes an online dashboard for creating data visualizations with a single line of code.

FalconsStudio 11 also includes a new feature for visualization, called Multi-Frame.

This feature allows users to use multiple data frames and use multiple visualization styles.

For example, a data frame may include color, scale, and opacity data.

The UI includes a drag and drop button to change the data frame style.

Falcom Studios is an open source software that is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Falcus Studio is available for free download on GitHub.

Falco Studios 11 is available to download from the Microsoft Web site.