GOP, GOP members demand GOP’s impeachment

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, in what would be the first time a president faces such a vote.

“We will hold the President and his Cabinet accountable for their failure to follow the law,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said in a statement.

The Republican lawmaker cited Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns and his failure to divest from his business empire as reasons for his demand.

“In 2017, President Trump ignored our Constitutional duty to uphold the law and to uphold and protect the American people, but he is still in office and still has the authority to use the power of his office to harm the lives of Americans,” he added.

“I look forward to voting on his impeachment, which should occur within a month or two.”

The House of Rep. Michael McCaul (R) told reporters he’s “not sure” if the resolution will pass, and his spokeswoman said he’s not in a position to comment on the matter.

The House has previously voted to impeach a president, but no president has ever been removed from office.

Trump has been the subject of numerous investigations into his business dealings and conflicts of interest.

He is also under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller for possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 election.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is also investigating Trump’s business dealings, but its panel has been criticized by some Republicans who have called it biased against him.