Marvel Studios is reportedly in talks to revive its ‘Captain America’ movie with Tom Holland

Marvel Studios has reportedly reached an agreement to reboot the critically acclaimed “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” with Tom Hanks.

Sources have told the Hollywood Reporter that the studio is in talks with Tom to reprise the role of Clint Barton for the next “Captain American” movie, though it is unclear how that will affect his character’s status in the comic book universe.

Hanks, who was cast as Barton in “Captain Americans,” will play the character for the final “Captain” movie.

“Captain Avengers” director Jon Favreau is also reportedly working on a “Captain Marvel” movie as well as a standalone “Black Panther” movie and “Ant-Man” sequel.

Hank is a two-time Oscar winner for his portrayal of Captain America in the “Captain Americas” movies.

He has also appeared in “Iron Man,” “The Hunger Games” and “Black Swan.”