Inside the Gopro Studio: Interdisciplinary Studies

article The Gopros Studio, a collaboration between Gopromos, a London-based interactive multimedia studio, and the Institute of Modern European Studies, is the first such studio in the world.

Launched in June 2018, the studio aims to bring the academic and cultural life of the EU to audiences of all ages through the arts, design and performance.

Goprogos’ first show at the Gopa exhibition hall in Berlin, on 15 May, was dedicated to the life of Dreyfus, the French resistance leader, whose story is woven into the exhibition’s themes of resistance, identity and social change.

The show includes a performance of Dora, a film by the German film director Michael Mayer, and an interactive installation of Gopropos’ work.

Gopa will also host a programme on the art and politics of resistance in the US, on the same day, in New York.

The exhibition also features work by the Gogojos, an interactive media collective founded by the director David O’Brien, as well as a series of lectures and exhibitions.

The work presented in the studio is intended to be accessible to anyone who is interested in the history and politics and political and cultural movements that shaped Europe, and who is also interested in European cultural heritage.

The Gopa Studio has been established in collaboration with Gopronos, the European Digital Agency and the Centre for the Study of Art History and Culture at the University of Edinburgh, and aims to expand the practice of interdisciplinary studies in the UK, Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands.