‘Hollywood and Hollywood’s legacy’ is on display as new Disney films launch in cinemas

A new generation of Disney films is about to debut in cinemases around the country.

The first three films in the Disney/Pixar franchise — Finding Dory, Finding Dwayne, and Cars 3 — are set to hit theaters this week, bringing the total to 10 films that have been announced or released so far.

Here are some of the major new films coming out this week:Discovery’s new documentary series, “Frozen” premieres on Wednesday.

The series follows a family of young Disney princesses as they learn how to become princesses.

“Frosty the Snowman,” a reimagining of the classic Disney film, stars Idina Menzel as a snowman who becomes a princess.

Disney Channel’s upcoming “Toys for Tots” is launching on Friday.

This animated show tells the story of the children’s toys that were made to encourage healthy living.

The show is created by Disney Imagineering and features some of Disney’s most talented animators.

Disney’s new animated film, “Coco,” stars Emma Watson as a girl who dreams of becoming a famous chef.

The film follows the story about Coco and her love of cooking.

“Coconut Shoppe,” a series starring Emma Watson and Andy Samberg, premieres Sunday.

The comedy follows a group of friends who come together to cook at a local chain restaurant and meet Coco and other friends as they try to achieve their own culinary goals.

Disney and Paramount are teaming up for a new animated feature, “Dumbo.”

This new film, set in the world of Dumbo, follows the adventures of a boy who grows up in a family that travels the globe to visit his grandparents.

“Dumb and Dumber To” is a film adaptation of the popular children’s book series.

Disney is developing the film with Lionsgate.